Saturday, 24 November 2007

Apostle Whey

Had a great day out today. Went down and voted early, fired up the Honda and headed off to Colac, collected Steve with his recently rebuilt Norton and headed towards the 12 Apostles again via the back roads through Carlisle River. We stopped in at Apostle Whey, a cheese making place just inland from the Great Ocean Road. Tasted some great cheeses and purchased some Camembert to enjoy tonight.
It's springtime and the countryside just looks magnificent at present.

We got onto the Great Ocean Road and headed back to Lavers Hill for a drink and a chat - but no Coke! Blue skies and little traffic made for a great run back to Colac. The bush smelt terrific and the sun warmed us. Had to stop at Gellibrand to get the caffeine levels up.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Short ride to Lorne via Deans Marsh

Took a short ride today. Damn it was hot - just out of the blue.

Saw this nice example of a Suzuki TLR at Deans Marsh - I've always liked these things despite poor magazine reviews in the past.

The bike is a credit to you - Keith of Clifton Springs!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Spring in the Otways

Thanks to Marty our Tassie trip for February 2008 is now sorted - the ferry is booked as is the accomodation. The last time we went touring Tasmania, back in 2004, we didn't book any accomodation in advance and we often found we were struggling to find something at the end of the day. Tassie after the school holidays was much busier than we had anticipated. There will be five of us in total on a variey of machines - VFR800 x 2, ZX9 x 1, ZX12 x 1, & Buell x 1.

I saw a link on STN recently to a great ride report from a guy from the US who toured through NSW, Tasmania and Vic on a Guzzi. There is good description and some beautiful pics - it's well worth a read at this link

Today was a glorious spring day. Marty and I fired up the two bikes and some twisty roads awaited us - what a great start to the weekend. We did the Otways circuit again. Incidentally the Great Ocean Road is still closed between Lorne and Skenes Creek due to rock falls from 150mls of rain last weekend. There was plenty of evidence of last weekend's storms by way of toppled trees and debris on the road. We stopped at Gellibrand for a drink and to clean the bugs from our visors. I've become fond of stopping here - nice down to earth people, who always have time for a chat.

Approaching Apollo Bay a huge sea mist rolled in. The temp gauge on the Honda dropped 10 degrees C. Fortunately it was sunny in the main street. A pastie from the bakery was just right for lunch.

The Skenes Creek to Forrest Rd was in poor condition after last week's rain. Lots of gravel & clay strewn across corners, which was quite hard to see in the shaded corners - with dark visors!
Of all things, there was a damn speed camera car parked in the shade in the middle of nowhere, on the only good stretch of road actually. This stealthy revenue raising has nothing to do with road safety at all and was farsical considering the poor state of the roads we had just ridden. How parasitic to come revenue raising inland because the GOR was closed. I just hope the State Gov.t spend some of those $s on fixing the roads around the Otways at some stage.