Saturday, 20 August 2011

Oomoo light

Back in 2004 Andy devised a weekend route that was suitable for some old, old motorcycles. It came to be named the Oomoo Run, after a new release red wine that we (over) imbibed in with dinner that night. The Oomoo run was repeated again in 2005 & 2006.

Today I rode the first part of that route as we had yet another magnificent winter's day. I procrastinated (which is quite acceptable for a 'West Coast Procrastinators' old boy) whether to go a little further inland, which I then commenced to do - only to bail out after riding a section of around 5 kms of gravel road works with no end in sight. You will see from some of the pics that Spring is just around the corner here.

Firstly I headed from Geelong to Ballarat - a pretty boring road. Then skirted around Ballarat and headed through some tiny townships like Ross Creek, Snake Valley and Cargnham. From the mullock heaps it's obvious that these were once thriving gold mining towns back in the late 1800's, now there's virtually nothing there.

Didn't see any!
The shot below is a redux of a pic taken in the same spot 7 years ago, then featuring  my CBR600
2004 pic
There were some places that I wanted to stop and take some pics, like the dead fox hanging from a road sign and the tiny, sad war memorial in Snake Valley,  however, I wasn't game enough to pull off the asphalt as the the roadsides were very soft and boggy due to all the recent heavy rain.

Beaufort is a small town on the Western Highway that most folk drive through on the way to Adelaide, the Grampians, or the vineyards further on down the road, however, it really is an attractive, well maintained little place.
Shot of the day!

Beaufort War Memorial

Beaufort Vic
Beeac war memorial

Just a part of the route
I headed down Colac way as well, then home to Geelong. All up, 396 kms for the day and home by 3 pm.