Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Summer in the Otways

Another grand day of riding in the Otways, just 2 days after my last run. I'm enjoying these day trips even though the weather was pretty hot today (up to 36C).

This is Turton's Track. It connects the Forrest-Apollo Bay road through to Beech Forest. Need to be pretty cautious on this narrow road as it has log trucks, no centre line & traffic to & from the Otway Fly.

Something old (at Beech Forest Vic)

What a face - couldn't resist a pic of this 'fella!

Something new(er) at Martian's cafe Deans Marsh

View to the Great Ocean Road from Skene's Creek Vic.

More pics and text to follow.

Monday, 28 December 2009

A great day for holiday riding

The best day ever - not quite - but pretty good all the same!

I traveled from Geelong to Deans Marsh, Forrest, towards Apollo Bay then turned off along Turton's Track to Beech Forest, where I had lunch. From there I headed up to Laver's Hill and along the GOR to the 12 Apostles - one of my favorite stretches of road. From the Apostles I headed back the way I had come to Lavers Hill and then travelled to Colac via Gellibrand. My 'phone vibrated as I skirted around Colac. It was a message from my mate Steve who was in Lorne on his Norton Commando and heading along the Great Ocean Road to my place in Geelong - which was ironic as I was on my way to his place in Colac! No answer from Steve on his mobile, so I headed home and pulled into my drive way just as he was taking his helmet off having just arrived - good timing or what!

Approx route

View of the West Barwon dam in the distance.

I treated myself to a hearty lunch at the Ridge Cafe in Beech Forrest. All fresh local ingredients.
Looking north towards Colac from the deck of the Cafe

This used to be logging country - pic of an old pic at a historic display.

There is a pub and a cafe at Beech Forest, no other businesses. Once it was a thriving community - see the pic of the club below

Can you say Weeaproinah? A high rainfall place.

Very calm today at the blow hole

Helicopter flights were in full swing. I counted 6 of them running continuously and still people were queued up.
Fantastic riding conditions, however, being the Christmas holidays the traffic was heavy in places and required quite a bit of patience to ride safe. All up, 365 k's of some quite 'technical' roads in near perfect weather.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Seasons greetings friends -another year over and a new one about to begin.

Mrs Tarsnakes and I are probably off for a Boxing Day ride tomorrow as the forecast is for a mainly sunny 25C.

Almost forgot - Bah Humbug!!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Two up again x 2

Team Tarsnakes and M&P took a quick run from Geelong to Otway Estate for a birthday brunch. The weather was far from perfect - we had a couple of brief showers on the way down, however, nothing too intrusive.

Marty & Pauline aboard the ZX9R

The girls at Otway Estate.

Gearing up to leave. Threatening skies, but the rain held off.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Team Tarsnakes Sunday ride

Mrs Tarsnakes and I had a leisurely breakfast with friends at Barwon Edge restaurant, then headed of for a Sunday ride on the VFR. This is only Mrs Tarsnakes second pillion ride in the last 20 years, so a pretty cruisy day was planned.

We pulled into Martians at Deans Marsh, and enjoying a coffee and the morning sun was a work colleague & her husband and friends. They were also out cruising on their BMWs & Vardardo. We sat down and enjoyed some banter and laughs - it was great to meet you guys!

Here's Ms A on her GS.

Her husband Mr B with his 1150 GS.

We headed off to Gellibrand via Colac, had another pit stop at my favorite General Store, then headed home again.

Better have a shot of the Viffer.
Speaking of V4's, on the way home we saw a guy on a new Aprilia RSV4 - the first one I've seen in the wild.