Monday, 28 December 2009

A great day for holiday riding

The best day ever - not quite - but pretty good all the same!

I traveled from Geelong to Deans Marsh, Forrest, towards Apollo Bay then turned off along Turton's Track to Beech Forest, where I had lunch. From there I headed up to Laver's Hill and along the GOR to the 12 Apostles - one of my favorite stretches of road. From the Apostles I headed back the way I had come to Lavers Hill and then travelled to Colac via Gellibrand. My 'phone vibrated as I skirted around Colac. It was a message from my mate Steve who was in Lorne on his Norton Commando and heading along the Great Ocean Road to my place in Geelong - which was ironic as I was on my way to his place in Colac! No answer from Steve on his mobile, so I headed home and pulled into my drive way just as he was taking his helmet off having just arrived - good timing or what!

Approx route

View of the West Barwon dam in the distance.

I treated myself to a hearty lunch at the Ridge Cafe in Beech Forrest. All fresh local ingredients.
Looking north towards Colac from the deck of the Cafe

This used to be logging country - pic of an old pic at a historic display.

There is a pub and a cafe at Beech Forest, no other businesses. Once it was a thriving community - see the pic of the club below

Can you say Weeaproinah? A high rainfall place.

Very calm today at the blow hole

Helicopter flights were in full swing. I counted 6 of them running continuously and still people were queued up.
Fantastic riding conditions, however, being the Christmas holidays the traffic was heavy in places and required quite a bit of patience to ride safe. All up, 365 k's of some quite 'technical' roads in near perfect weather.

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