Friday, 11 April 2008

Last week I collected the VFR from Promecha in Springvale having had the suspension tweaked. At 43,000 k's it was time for some freshening up. The front forks were re-sprung with K-Tech springs specifically for my weight, an anti-dive circuit added, and the fork seals replaced. The rear shock was dismantled, converted into a re-buildable shock, re-valved, and the standard spring replaced with an Eibach spring matched to my weight. Although Ohlins are generally regarded as the holy grail of motorcycle shockers, it is worth noting that they DO NOT manufacture springs themselves. From the research I've done it seems that Eibach & Ohlins springs come from the same factory and are just badge engineered.

I'm hoping to go for a run tomorrow to see how it feels and maybe make any necessary adjustments. I was also after a new Michelin Pilot Road 2CT for the front, but Peter from Road & River tells me that he has none in stock & can't get any at present.

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