Wednesday, 7 May 2008

It was the Genesis

Originally I started this post referring to a song from 70's Aussie band "Chain". I just heard a song on the radio that was actually a better "fit". Good old Neil sang it best,

"One of these days,
I'm gonna sit down
and write a long letter
To all the good friends I've known
And I'm gonna try
And thank them all
for the good times together".
In the early 1970's I met a group of like-minded guys who did not give a crap about Aussie rules football like everyone else did - they shared my passion for motorcycles. It was also just the time I was just old enough to begin to exercise some freedom and independance.

Thanks to Steve for many of these images, reproduced from the slide collection of his late father, Ron Kelly, who catalogued much of our youth with his camera. They reflect a great many very happy memories from a period in time that was the genesis of our love for motorcycling. Thirty+ years on and we are all still pretty keen motorcyclist in one form or another.

L --> R: Steve, Col , Jules, Rod, Keith

Steve, Rod, Jules, Andy

None were licensed to ride, but ride they did! Just home after a bit of "dog rattlin".

Steve's Honda CB750 four, which I later bought.

Andy's Ducati GT750 circa 1974

My Suzuki 550, late 1973
Same bike in 1974
Rod McRae's Kawasaki Z900, circa 1977

Jules Kawasaki Z1R, Christmas 1979

" My friends are scattered
Like leaves from an old maple.
Some are weak, some are strong

Neil Percival Young.

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