Sunday, 29 June 2008

Great Ocean Road Winter 08

I've got the 'flu and not feeling great so didn't ride yesterday with Marty. I was feeling a bit better today so went for a short spin down to Lorne and back along the Great Ocean Road. It was overcast and threatening to rain when I left. Ambient temp 13C.

Just out of Lorne I caught up with an awesome sounding classic car (on club reg). It was Italian in origin and had a lovely V8 rumble from the twin exhausts. Had to pull up for a bit when I came across a smash between a car and a motorcycle on some tight curves. Fortunately the ambulance and police were there already. It didn't look good and I'm thinking one of them was on the wrong side of the road. The sight of a bike down and the thought of the rider injured left me feeling a bit hollow, so I was happy to call it a (short) day and just head home.

VFR parked in Lorne, Vic.

Great Ocean Road = Great curves

New tank bag purchased from the US. Took only 6 days to arrive. Great service!

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