Sunday, 3 August 2008

On any Sunday - Winter ride

I've been desperate for a day out on the VFR but it's been mostly wet and cold on weekends for weeks now. We finally had a reasonable looking day so Marty and I decided to head inland, maybe to Castlemaine. We had a pretty nice ride for the first 80Ks or so, but then towards Daylesford the sky clouded over and the temp dropped drastically. By the time we rolled into Dalesford the drizzle had turned to rain so we turned around and headed back towards Geelong. Just out of town we pulled into the (very upmarket) Sault restaurant for a hot drink and to warm up. I would loved to have had an afternoon drinking red wines there actually! However, we drank hot chocolates and then rode back towards home in rain and drizzle, Marty without wet weather gear. It finally cleared up by the time we got back into Geelong. Here's a pic taken when it wasn't drizzling!

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