Saturday, 15 August 2009

Great Ocean Road run

We had an unexpectedly good day for winter, so Marty & I made the most of the opportunity to go for a run.

In Apollo Bay we talked to some folk from Colac, proud Ulysses club members . The woman who rides this Can Am Spyder took up motorcycling later in life when she & her husband retired from farming. She's done 10,000 ks on the Spyder since last Christmas she said. It turned out that we had met him previously - in Straun Tasmania back in Feb 2008 when we were touring there with the guys.

We had a great run from Apollo Bay around to Lorne, hardly any traffic going our way. However, I'm developing a case of Toyota Yaris Phobia (TYP) - fear of the (rental) Yaris (with OS driver) cutting across the white line onto my side of the road head on around the corners! There were many people stopped just out of Lorne at Cathedral Rock looking at the whales.

We pulled up in front of the Arab for a hot drink. The street scape in Lorne is a mess at present - some major changes happening, but a hell of a mess at present!

Talked to a guy with a 50th anniversary VFR800.
We had a fantastic run from Lorne inland back to Geelong via Deans Marsh and the Cape Otway Road. I couldn't believe that I was actually too hot when I pulled up at home - incredible for the middle of winter.

A grand day out, 318 Ks and no performance awards!

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