Sunday, 7 March 2010

Caught in the tail of Melbourne's storm

 Mrs Tarsnakes & I went for a short ride to Forrest (Vic) yesterday. As we finished our drinks the sky grew black and we decided to head for home pronto. "Looks like the calm before the storm" I said as we geared up.

We barely made it out of the township and down came the rain. It was quite tropical in all, pelting rain but quite warm at about 25C. We were caught out without our wet weather gear (long time since that's happended!) so just had to keep going as it was obvious that it wouldn't let up. We saw some cruisers and a Ducati pulled up under tree donning their wet weather gear, a risky strategy given the lightening about!

It seems that were were on the tail end of a massive storm that hit Melbourne and caused havoc in the city.

Words, pics & video here from The Age newspaper.

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