Tuesday, 28 September 2010

North on Hwy 1 Shoreline Drive

This is actually Monday USA time, despite what the blog date stamp says.
What a day! We trudged through the steep streets of San Francisco "only a few blocks" to Bush Street to pick up our pre-booked hire car. We got there at 10.00am only to join a very long queue of others waiting for their cars. Long story short, we left at 12.30pm 'upgraded' Jeep SUV. Now I had been pretty edgy about driving through downtown SF in a car I'd never driven before, on unfamiliar streets on the wrong side of the road. However, the joy that is a GPS made it all so easy. It was quite a buzz to motor over the Golden Gate Bridge and head north.

Hwy 1 North is much like the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, only more wild and isolated. Oh, and I was pulled over by one of Mendicino County's finest today - but no ticket issued. In fact he was a very nice guy and gave me some education on California's speed limits. It's not what you're thinking - I was pulled over for travelling too slowly! Dorothy had a good laugh!

Tonight we are at a motel in the fishing town of Fort Bragg. Had a great seafood meal at the North Coast Brewery, which was excellent and great value compared with San Francisco prices.

Tomorrow to the Humbolt Redwood park and beyond.

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