Sunday, 21 November 2010

Spring Down Under

For the first time in ages we've had two consecutive days of magnificent Spring weather on the weekend - just ideal conditions for motorcycling. I've been able to get out for a decent ride both days!

Yesterday Marty and I rode and today (Sunday) it was just Mrs Tarsnakes & I. We pulled in to a new micro brewery & cafe in Forrest (Vic); TheForrest Brewing Company. There were some great Clubman cars parked out front and a lovely old Morris Minor converted to a ute.

Clubmans at Forrest Vic

These things go around corners like nothing else. They weigh less than 800 kilograms, typically have 1.6 - 2 litre motors

Mrs Tarsnakes awaiting coffee.

Nicely done!
We then headed along Turton's track (very slowly) to Beech Forest.

The grim one himself.

A grand weekend of riding twisty roads, approx 550 kilometers all up.


  1. Lovely photos Jules. Were those Clubman/Lotus lookalikes Aussie-made? My old boss had a NZ-made one called a Chevron with a Mazda 13B rotary in it. Nearest thing to a bike on 4 wheels in terms of grin factor!

    Good to see that the weather was kind to you!

  2. Hi Geoff

    I recalled that one of the cars had a number plate that made the word 'Birkin' which I've just googled and found this link

    One of my friend's brother has a Clubman but I'm almost certain that his is a home made vehicle. There is a pic of it in one of my older blog posts.

    Elfin from South Australia make them as well. See