Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Two up through the Otways

Mrs T and I took a leisurely loop from Geelong to Forrest, Apollo Bay, Lavers Hill, Gellibrand, Birregurra and back to Geelong.

Total distance 305 kilometers

First stop was Forrest (Vic) for coffee.

1960 Morris Minor
 Second stop was Apollo Bay for art exhibition
I quite liked this Melbourne streetscape

This pastel portrait was good
 The run from Apollo Bay to Laver's Hill is via the Great Ocean Road. Much of it in this section is actually inland through eucalyptus forest. Lovely big open sweepers for the most part and one section of quite tight curves. Despite being summer holidays the traffic traveling along the GOR from Apollo Bay towards the 12 Apostles wasn't too bad.

We stopped in Laver's Hill at Blackwood Gully  for lunch. It has a great outdoor deck area.

 Great lunches.

 From there we traveled inland through the bush and farming land via the back roads to Geelong. The weather was mostly sunny and at around 22C was a nice temp for riding.We need to stop reasonably often as Mrs T gets some vibration via one of the pillion footpegs which eventually makes her foot numb. I haven't been able to solve this problem yet despite replacing the rubber bush in the footpeg mount recently.


  1. Hey Jules, I hope you are able to figure out Mrs. T's vibration! Sounds like that could discourage pillioning...can we make that word a verb? ; )

    I love seeing your countryside via these posts. Keep 'um coming and next time you two are here and don't call, I'm gonna feel left out!

    Cheers to you both!

  2. Oh ya, and I forgot to mention...vintage cars, food, scenery, art and motorcycles...how much better can it get???

  3. Hey Donna, it's a great time of year here, though thinks have been quite unseasonal for us with massive amounts of rainfall, though nothing like Queensland has experienced.

    The countryside in this part of Aust is quite a lot like northern California. When we drove Shoreline Dve north of San Francisco it felt quite familiar, much like the Great Ocean Road - though less populated and touristy.

    We're working on the footpeg vibe problem, a solution. I'm hoping that a FJR1300 Yamaha pillion peg which has rubber on it may do the trick.

    Cheers Jules.