Saturday, 12 February 2011

Motorcyclists & successful ageing

Geoff James of Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist has provoked some really interesting dialogue as a result of a post on his blog earlier this month entitled "Whats age got to do with it".

This has included some email discussions which I have been fortunate to have been party to with David L Hough, motorcyclist, journalist and author, from the USA.

Further to that topic I came across this gem linked from It's well worth a look! (see link below)

What do People Live For

And some more on this topic. ABC TV screened a documentary about an 85 year old motorcyclist. He's a life long motorcyclist who set himself the goal of doing 52,000 kms in 52 weeks during his 85th year!

You can watch it online HERE 

Viwers outside of Australia click HERE


  1. That story is an inspiration!

  2. Thanks Ken. I'd only just posted this and came across the docco that I mention above, so have added links to it as well. Well worth watching and illustrates a very positive use of Facebook.