Sunday, 13 March 2011

My head says Ninja 1000, my heart says ZX14!

Checked out the new Ninja 1000 on Saturday. Got Mrs Tarsnakes aboard as well just to size it up for two-up riding. Got the thumbs up in terms of 'fit' for a pillion, though she felt perched a little high. The dealership we dropped in at doesn't have a demo bike so I really cannot seriously consider it until I get to ride one.

Sitting aboard the Ninja 1000 it felt very short and maneuverable, seat height was OK-maybe just a fraction high, however, I felt that I was sitting 'on' the bike rather than 'in' it. The 3 position screen is very minimalist.

It's $15,500 ride away at this dealership, though I saw them on sale at $15K ride away in Elizabeth St, Melbourne. 

Loved the black colour and the finish quality looked fine.
ABS is obviously a good thing.

Do you see that ZX14 in the top of the pic above? Well I had a little sit on that as well! Low seat height, great ergonomics, superior finish quality.......but maybe just a little too heavy for me at low speed when we're two-up? I've recently ridden Bill's ZX14 and know what a superb machine it is. They wanted $18K, ride away, for this superseded 2010 model.

I love black Kawasaki s. My head 'says' Ninja 1000, but my heart 'says' ZX14 !! Ah well, my history as a member of the 'West Coast Procrastinators' will no doubt serve me well.

Post script 23 March - my heart won, new ZX14 coming my way soon!


  1. Go with your heart, always go with your heart, besides that is the one I would want.

  2. Roger, I need to be around more people like you! I've often felt that I'm too damn sensible too much of the time.

    Even just to sit on them they are very different machines. the ZX14's seat height is 15 mm lower than the Ninja 1000, but it is around 30 kg heavier and longer in the wheelbase. The March edition of BIKE from the UK has a great comparison including an FZ Yamaha, the Ninja 1000 and the VFR1200 and
    they really rate the Ninja highly.