Saturday, 25 June 2011

More wet tarsnakes

The shortest day of the year has passed, work has been demanding and it was time for Marty and I to take some motorcycle therapy.The road through the Otways were pretty treacherous in places, lots of mulched leaves and bark on the road and water lying across shaded corners - but what else can you expect in the middle of winter? Well at least it wasn't raining here, as it was for the warm up for MotoGP in Assen - and it's summer there! Temps somewhat comparable too.

Here's some pics & I will post a few more words later.

First stop - the Gellibrand store

The recently installed hugger is clearly not very effective.

Marty has a little bit of pastie with his sauce!!
A blatant rip off. Avoid refueling at Apollo Bay if possible
A post ride debrief in sunshine on the outskirts of Geelong. 315kms of safe, sometimes challenging & enjoyable riding


  1. Hi Jules
    Yeah, some of our back country roads are the same as yours at present and even the tarmak has a greenish tint in some places with slime - a real trap for the unwary.

    I can't see any chicken strips on your rear tyre - you must be totally used to the bike now and giving it plenty :-). May you avoid PC Plod forever!

  2. Well Jules, It has not been too good herw as well. Always raining or threatening at the moment. Still we shouldnt complain , all down hill to summer from here.

  3. Hi Jules just dropped in the see your site. I have not been out myself as we just got back from OS. Looking forward to getting out soon


  4. Geoff, I've noticed some of that greenish tinge in the tarmac in shaded areas in the Otways as well and stay well clear. Marty's a bit braver than me - he claims ".. it's not that slippery"!

    Roger, the seasons as viewed by a true optimist! The problem I have is that we have had some lovely sunny winter days mid-week, only to have it p1ss rain on the weekends.

    John, great to hear from you. I actually saw a nice new looking red Wing on the inland section of the GOR on Saturday and wondered if it was you. Did your OS trip involve motorcycling this time? I will look forward to a ride report if so.

    Thanks for the replies 'fellas.

    Cheers Jules.

  5. Hi Jules
    We went to italy for two weeks, what a great place. Next year we will be riding we will be leaving in sept 12 to ride Colorado already stated to plan


  6. John, I looked at your pics of Italy - just beautiful, especially Lake Como area. I'm very envious of you two riding Colorado! From the various ride reports I've seen it's spectacular place - I've only seen the runway at Denver airport!
    Cheers Jules.