Saturday, 3 January 2009

First ride for 2009!

Headed off at 7.30 am for a short 240 k morning ride, my first for the holidays after some frustrating past weeks. Seemed to photograph lots of signs today.

Fire season.

Shearing shed near Dean's Marsh

Geelong to Forrest via Dean's Marsh, then right turn onto Turton's track. This was signposted at 40 kph limit along the first few K's. It's very narrow, twisy & covered in leaf litter and rubble. Beautiful scenery, but sports riding it is not!

You've been warned.

Timber heritage area

View from the deck of a new cafe at Beech Forrest. I was their 1st customer - they opened 10 mins before I arrived.

No petrol here!


The VFR ran beautifully in the cool morning air. There's nothing quite like the gentle pulsations of a V4 motor - good for the soul!

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