Saturday, 9 April 2011

First run on the new Ninja ZX14

We've had a week of near perfect Autumn weather, but as fate would have it the forecast for today was 27C, strong winds and an early afternoon thunderstorm. I've been itching to get a feel for how this motorcycle performs in the twisty stuff.

Despite the forecast I took off around 9.00am and took the run we did with the girls on board a couple of weeks ago, only in reverse direction. My only stops were for photos at Otway Estate vineyard and Beech Forest and for a drink and a brief chat with Paul at the Gellibrand store. Although quite warm, the sky was looking very threatening by the time I hit the Otway Ranges. Wet, windy roads was not what I wanted with an unfamiliar bike and nearly 200hp on tap!

'User friendly' is an over used term, however, it genuinely sums up how I found the big Ninja ZX14 on its first run in the real world. It tracked beautifully through the corners and was never a handful even on the very slow speed corners along Turton's Track. I love the turbine smooth engine and I really felt that all the horsepower that's on tap is be delivered in a very controllable way.

All up this run was 250 kms of very satisfying riding, made all the better by getting home ahead of the rain!


  1. Woohoo...what a beauty. I know you have many fun rides ahead!!

  2. So pretty happy I take it jules? Big trips planned? I musttake one for a ride sumday.

  3. Hey Donna & Roger, thanks for the comments.

    I doubt that I will get to to as many long distance trips as Donna does until some time in the future when I retire.

    I guess I was just so pleased that this motorcycle was in no way a handful in the twisty stuff.

    Now keeping my license is going to call for much maturity and self discipline!

    Cheers Jules.

  4. Absolutely awesome Jules and what a wicked-looking beast!!! sometimes, maturity is over-rated, but know what you mean with a weapon which does everything so effortlessly! You go and have a lot of fun mate!

  5. Geoff, I've had a good role model with my mate Bill whose black ZX14 is on some of my ride reports. He's very discerning with his use of the machine's potential and still has plenty of fun.

    A measure of his control is that he currently has 11,000 kms on his rear Michelin Pilot Road 2 and reckons it has about 1,000 left in it - I wouldn't have thought that was possible but clearly it is.