Friday, 8 April 2011

National Heritage Listing of the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road (GOR) was yesterday given a National Heritage Listing. This incredible piece of road starts about 20 minute's ride form where I live.

READ THIS from the Geelong Advertiser

It has been a mecca for Aussie motorcyclists over the years, though with it's 80 kph (50mph) speed limit and heavy policing of motorcyclists (it's not stretching things to say that it borders upon harrassement) these days that there's not a whole lot of enjoyment to be had in riding the section between Torquay and Apollo Bay. For those in the USA, much of the GOR could be mistaken for The Big Sur in CA and Hwy 1 Shoreline Dve north of San Francisco.

It is well worth remembering that the Great Ocean Road is actually a war memorial.

I have many, many happy teenage memories that were set in the context of the GOR - many of them involve motorcycling. Some images only exist in my mind, but are triggered by words such as - Crawford's Pacific Hotel, New Year's Eve at Lorne, Suzuki 250 Hustler, CB750 Honda,  McRae's Z900, "a man's a fool", Suzuki 'Waterbottle', Z1R Kawasaki, cosmic blue EH Holden and of course being one sleeping bag short!

Here's my quick pictorial tribute to the GOR - including a couple of old shots scanned from prints.

That cosmic blue 1964 Holden & a bunch of 1970's guys!


 Some of the GOR runs inland and it's every bit as pretty as the shoreline section.

Pacific Hotel Lorne

Arab Cafe Lorne Vic


  1. Some great photos there Jules, especially one of a certain young-looking person on a CB 750!

    It is indeed a cracker of a road and we've got some nice shots of our son and family there too. Guess it will be a bit longer until we see it at first hand now as he and family are moving back to NZ in 2 weeks!

  2. Thanks Geoff. I hope to get out and sample some of the GOR tomorrow on the new machine.

    I thought that pic of the 2 seater 'Clubman' car in Lorne would be of interest to you as well. That machine and another like it get down there at first light and make the road their own. I have even spied one of them with race tyres fitted on one occasion. No motorcycle can stay with a well driven Clubman on those roads.

    Congratulations on your report on your blog of your recent trip to Asia - most readers probably don't appreciate the massive amount of time and discipline it takes to put together such a comprehensive, yet readable piece of blogging.

    Cheers Jules.

  3. That looks like a great road, it would be nice if the LEOs would lighten up a bit and let folks ride it. Nice pics!