Sunday, 2 December 2007

Hot notherly

Day 2 (date stamp is wrong) of summer turned out to be pretty damned hot! It always seems worse when a hot day comes out of the blue after quite a cool week. I just went for a quick spin to Gellibrand via Deans Marsh. It was quite a contrast to last weekend's riding. I took a few pics on the way there - here is a few of them.

There were lots of bikes out today.

Now that I'm home it's 33C here by the coast. It felt hotter inland around Colac, especially in full leathers!
It struck me that the VFR is quite a narrow bike when viewed from behind.

Had a chat with a couple in Gellibrand - him on the ZZR1200 & her on the Sprint. Nice folks who invited me to ride back to Colac with them.

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