Saturday, 8 December 2007

On the 8th day of summer .....

Some grumpy old men went riding - except they weren't actually grumpy at all! They were very happy as they had all the ingredients for a grand day of motorcycling - perfect weather, twisty roads, mates and each had their motorcycle of choice!

Andy from Ballarat, Jules, and Marty (who was just back from China) left from Geelong to hook up at Steve's near Colac. The 4 of us travelled to Lavers Hill for an early lunch. We then went along the GOR to Apollo Bay, then on to Lorne. Pulled up at the Grand Pacific Hotel with its million dollar views. Didn't have any booze, just Cokes. We then headed inland to Deans Marsh, where we split up & headed home. It was a great mixture of riding and socializing amongst old and valued friends.

Some motorcycles.
Steve's Commando
Andy & Commando

Relaxing in Lorne on the veranda of the Pacific Hotel - believe it or not, but not a single drop of oil was left in the car park!.

This is the Manx replica I was telling you about Steve.

From Bernie Allen

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