Friday, 21 December 2007

Visit to Tiger Angel

On Thursday 20 Dec Marty & I went to the Tiger Angel factory showroom for him to collect the jacket built to his specifications. Whilst the 'shopfront" is not that impressive, the critical thing about Tiger Angel is the excellent quality leathers that they manufacture and the personalised service from Steve Howden (the owner) and his assistant Julie. Oh, and the smell of new leather is brilliant! They have an excellent web site (see my links) where you can design your own colour scheme and custom features for your gear. Julie also mentioned that our VFR800 riding mate Terry had been in on Monday to collect his new pants.

Race leathers after 275 kph get off. Nothing beats the abrasion resistance of leather.
Nice jacket Marty.

Here are some pics of the world's 2nd best motorcycle leathers - it's just a bloody long way from Aust to pick up though!

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