Sunday, 31 July 2011

Balmy winters day

I'd been hoping for a ride this weekend. Saturday turned out to be as forecast - rain and clearing showers. Sunday was forecast to be cloudy with an unlikely temp of 18C. So I couldn't believe my eyes Sunday morning when I awoke to glorious sunshine with barely a cloud in sight. It was too good not to ride so I  took a short run in what turned out to be beautiful weather conditions considering that it's winter here. My route was Geelong to Forrest, then Beech Forest via Turton's (treacherous) Track, Gellibrand, then I skirted around Colac and headed home. It was around 6C when I left at 9.30am and an incredible 20C when I got home in the early afternoon.

The ZX14 in front of the Forrest microbrewery

Only hot chocolate for me though!

Less than 5 months till Christmas.

At the West Barwon dam

Lovely spot for a BBQ or picnic, but virtually deserted today.
Turton's Track
Ford Focus turbo club gathering at Beech Forest.
 I stopped at Gellibrand for a drink and talked to some fellas who'd been mountain bike riding along the Old Beechy rail trail and were absolutely coated in mud.

After a short break at 'Gelli'  I headed straight home as I had chores awaiting me. All in all, an unexpected and enjoyable day of riding in unseasonably balmy conditions.


  1. Likewise here jules, we had a great Sunday. Almost felt warmish at times! I enjoy winter rides when it is sunny, so very crisp and clean i suppose is how I would explain it.

  2. Roger, I actually rode in summer gloves for the first time in ages!

  3. Jules even us wingers were out I did up a video it's on my site. Just trailing my new go pro camera. Hope you don't mind I have added you to my google + if it annoying you I cn tie you off it

  4. John, just had a quick squizz at your video and it looks good.

    No worries with the Google+. I need to get some understanding of what it offers. I deleted my old Facebook account mainly because I couldn't stand the inane tripe that some of my 'friends' posted!

    Cheers Jules.

  5. Gorgeous photos Jules: Looks like Spring isn't too far off here too! Got home yesterday and still feeling a bit lethargic and jet-lagged!

  6. Geoff, I was wondering if you were back. I hope that the trip went well.

    We've had a sensational run of spring like weather, though like the economy, bad things are forecast!

    I've been fooling around with the Word Press blogging templates and may make a change - not certain yet.

    I don't seem to be able to hyperlink it, here's the URL.

    Cheers Jules