Sunday, 10 July 2011

Megacycle slip ons

I recently took a run down to Megacycle engineering in the Melbourne suburb of Keysborough to get a set of slip on mufflers fitted. These are built from scratch by the owner Ken Onus and he likes to have the bike there and fit them virtually as he builds them. Megacycle engineering is an old school engineering works, that builds specialty motorcycle exhaust systems. It's winter Down Under and it was a cold 6C when I left home and was  raining for much of the run down there. Ken wanted me there by 7.30am, which meant a 5.30am ish start for me if I wanted to avoid the Westgate Bridge bottleneck. As it was I got there at 7.00am.
Pic below shows a bleak morning.
Here is the finished product in stainless steel. The bike's EFI can adjust OK and there is no need for a Power Commander or suchlike to get it running OK.

And the sound - a lovely burble that's not too loud or intrusive. Also the oval shaped pipes look much less bulky than the big round standard pipes.

Ken is the only person I've ever met in Oz who has raced at the IOM - with some success actually.
Ken Onus IOM



  1. G'day Jules!

    Those are handsome-looking mufflers mate; suit the bike perfectly. Did you get any weight-saving? OEM mufflers always seem to be made of lead!

    Safe riding,


  2. Awesome exhauts mate. I love putting new cans on bikes, always a enjoyable experince. How is the weather holding up for you there, we are getting hammered at the moment.

  3. Geoff, I didn't think to ask how much they weigh - but I'd say considerably less as the OEMs weight a ton!

    Realistically, these are a luxury as its not as though I need power gains or anything. However, the oval shape places the pipes inboard quite a bit more than the OEM pipes - looks better and also means that the pillion isn't resting her heel on the muffler as she was with the OEM.

    Roger - it's always nice to have a bit of a note. We've had a long stint of cold, wet and windy winter weather - especially on the weekends. We were spoiled for winter riding here by a decade of drought! I've ridden on a couple of occasions not mentioned in the blog and both times the weather got so bad I wished I'd stayed at home.

    Cheers Jules.