Thursday, 7 October 2010

Grand Canyon Arizona

We got up early and drove the 275 miles from Vegas to the South rim of the Grand Canyon. Encountered some severe weather (there were warnings on freeway overhead signs and radio - we saw on TV later that there had been 4 tornados about 80 miles from where we were that had destroyed homes). At the Grand Canyon there was an unseasonal thunderstorm and and some sunny breaks. We were freezing cold much of the afternoon!

Nothing can prepare you for the magnitude of this place

 Pictures just don't capture the depth and breadth of it all.

Just how often do you walk into a cafe and find a sign like this at the door?
Of course, it's Arizona!

It was also strange to see motorcyclists riding the freeways without helmets. I was gobsmacked to see people on the motorcycles helmetless at 75 mph out on the Interstate. Lots of them!

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