Thursday, 14 October 2010

Philadelphia PA

We got into Philadelphia via Greyhound bus late yesterday afternoon (ie Tuesday - remember date stamp on blog is Aust time - a day ahead). I cannot believe that it cost only $25 for both of us booked online. How can it be this cheap? Well the bus stations were disgusting in terms of cleanliness and staff attitude - our first negative experience in the US really. I guess it's just capitalism at it's finest - you get what you pay for. Anyway it's Amtrac from Philly to New York on Saturday, less distance than yesterday (90 miles) but $135. The hire car we had rented in California and used in Nevada, Arizona & Utah was great value, 12 days, over 2,500 miles, insured to the hilt (it is the litigious USA after all) and all for a total of just on  USD $800. Our dollar is currently at 98 cents against the greenback which helps as well.

Philadelphia is steeped in history, but does not have the grand scale marble and granite buildings of Washington DC. It's a more gritty sort of place, however, interesting in it's own right.

It's the birthplace of American Independence, the Liberty Bell and the Philly Cheese Steak! Incidentally, I had the best Filet Mignon ever last night at an "old town" restaurant, and quite ironically, we sat near to a lovely elderly couple from Paris, France and had a great conversation with them - only to meet them again at breakfast in the same hotel as us.

The Liberty Bell
 Statue of Admiral Barry - who began the US Navy

 Backstreets of "Old City"

Lots of food vendors on the streets.

 View from our hotel room
Philly is also the home of Revzilla, a leading online retailer of motorcycle apparel. Mrs Tarsnake's Alpinestars leather jacket came from them & posted to Oz  for less than wholesale price in Aust. They have a small showroom in a (sketchy) industrial part of Philadelphia a few miles from our hotel. Our turban wearing cabbie didn't actually want to take us there and afterwards the Revzilla staff rang a taxi for us (they won't come otherwise)  we had to wait an age for it to arrive! Anyway, I've spent my tax return now!

 We chatted with a friendly young guy who was buying a jacket & was really proud of his Hayabusa. His long dreadlocks we unspoiled because there is no need to wear a helmet in Pennsylvania!

 Inside RevZilla

And one more pic, this was challenging for Mrs Tarsnakes to photograph at night without upsetting the 120kg African American guy who was eating pizza in front of his business premises.

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