Saturday, 9 October 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

I'm glad to leave Las Vegas, it's not my sort of place! However, Las Vegas served as a good staging point for our trips out to Zion National Park (a day trip) and to the Grand Canyon (over-nighted there) and to fly out to Washington DC.
 POST SCRIPT: we flew with Southwest Airlines where one gets a boarding pass but there is no seat allocation on the plane at all - just pick a seat and sit down. Great, except by the time we boarded there was not 2 seats together anywhere for the 1.5 hr leg to Denver, Colorado. Then when most Denver passengers departed the aircraft, we walked to the second front row of seats and sat together right up the very front for the 4 hr leg to Washington DC. Arrived at 11.00pm local time Friday night and had to take a taxi to our hotel, the Residence Inn Marriott Capitol.

Here's a few more pics non Vegas pics.

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