Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Zion National Park Utah

We hit the open road to Utah to see Zion National Park - a place I've had my heart set on going to since we first talked about a trip to the US. We left a warm Las Vegas around 8.00am, however by the time we got to Zion it was cool and drizzly - strange in a desert environment. Yet I have seen torrential rain and lightening over Ayers Rock in Oz which is not that common either.

As an aside, it was s strange feeling to be cruising down the highway legally at 75 mph, past two police radar traps and they did not give us a second look.

Zion is really well run. Cars are left in the car park and a fleet of step on - step off free shuttle buses that travel all the main beauty spots and hiking trail heads. These buses travel run in both directions and you never have to wait more than 5 mins for a bus - it makes for a much better experience than Yosemite with cars everywhere.Accommodation in and near the park is an issue though, so we did this as a (long) day trip from Las Vegas. We could have easily stayed a few days at Zion.

 A wild turkey - for real!

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