Sunday, 10 October 2010

Washington DC

First day in DC was warm, sunny and quite amazing. Our hotel is really well situated for seeing all the National Monuments, but not so good for going out at night. There are no restaurants nearby and when we walked down to the Potomac River on dusk we didn't really feel all that safe. Actually there was a really big outdoor seafood market going on - I've never seen so many crabs, prawns and all sorts of fish just straight off the boats. We asked a woman for some directions and she indicated that it was not a great place for us to be walking around at night - make sure you look purposeful and don't pull out your map!

Part of War Memorial near the reflecting pool - all part of the National Mall.
Mr & Mrs Tarsnakes with Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool in the background.
Obama T shirt - I think the $5 price tag says something!
Vista of Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool.
More War memorial. Actually there were heaps of WW2 veterans at the war Memorial for a get together, mainly in wheel chairs but each one with a minder. Many had their army or marine hats on and all were in orange shirts. These men must all be well past their 80's and it was kinda nice to see them all out at the various memorials talking, shaking hands and reminiscing together.

Below - Washington Monument

Squirrels everywhere

The White House

 Tarsnake's son once described him as 'grim looking' most of the time.
Original Smithsonian
Smithsonian air and space museum

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