Tuesday, 12 October 2010

More images of Washington DC

Some random pics from around DC.

Avenue in DC
The place of Lincoln's assassination - Ford's Theatre
Smithsonian Portrait Galley - I loved the paintings of the Presidents and the Norman Rockwell exhibition.

An old house in historic Georgetown - a real tourist trap area!
We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe - best burger ever.
The Capitol
Read the license plates "We the people of the United States .........." You figure out the rest.
Painters doing the outside windows at the Smithsonian portrait gallery - that's as arty as I get!
Smithsonian Castle - the original Smithsonian building
 Mrs Tarsnakes with Michelle & Barak.
Capitol again, but towards dusk
I had to travel this far just to get a sun burnt nose! 

Mrs T loves these little fellas - the locals think of them as members of the rat family.

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