Tuesday, 19 October 2010

NNYC Day 3

Some pics from a day trip to Harlem and a look around the buildings adjoining Central Park. We also took a boat trip out on the Hudson River - pics of that later.

We went to a Broadway show in the evening. Chicago - strange show to see in New York!

 Apollo Theatre Harlem - starting place for the Jackson Five on Wed amateur night.
 Big Cathedral up near Columbia University
 Central Park from 5th Ave
 By the guard box is where John Lennon was gunned down
This officer caught a glimpse of me taking her pic and was not happy. She and a colleague were stepping out into heavy traffic and stopping taxis to check the driver's credentials. The policing in NYC is very active, cars, bicycles and foot patrols in huge numbers. They claim that's whats made the city safe.

 Public housing in Harlem.

Below- a sign on the subway train window.

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